About Us

At NutriHotel – F&B and Nutrition we merge the passion for the Food & Beverage area with the passion for Nutrition & Dietetics. We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of Food & Beverage in the Canarian hospitality industry, obtaining the founder of NutriHotel in 2009 the SerTurismo Innovation Canarias Award for the project “Dietary specialization of a holiday hotel: practical guide for the hospitality industry“. During the last decades we have constantly monitored the evolution of nutritional trends in the main touristic markets of the Canary Islands, especially Germany and the United Kingdom, considering them in our proposals for gastronomic improvements. In addition, we rely heavily on new technologies, including in our service offer our own nutritional software for hotels and restaurants.

For all this we count with a team of professionals that encompasses all related specialties: Food & Beverage managers with large experience, software programmers, nutritionists, bilingual translators, consultants specialized in technological grants and gastronomic photographers.


Contribute to a greater introduction of healthy nutritional criteria in the hotel and restaurant gastronomic offer. Inspire gastronomy with innovation through healthy nutrition and new technologies.


We understand Gastronomy as a determining factor of the holiday experience and, at the same time, Nutrition as one of the main pillars of health, so we see in the merger between the two a great potential for improving the tourist vacation experience and even the inspiration to a possible lifestyle change.


We intend not only to provide value to companies contributing to greater cost efficiency and innovation in their gastronomic offer, differentiating it and making it more competitive, but at the same time contributing to a greater presence of healthy nutrition criteria, according to international trends, and thus, indirectly, promote nutritional education through a healthier gastronomy.