Software NutriHotel

The NutriHotel application eases the management of the kitchen recipes of hotels and restaurants. This solution allows to inform the guest about all aspects of the gastronomic offer (menus, thematic dishes, allergens in each dish, dishes suitable for diets, etc.), as well as internally manage Food and Beverage recipes easily and dynamically, giving facilities to keep nutritional information updated at all times and offering automated options for labeling dishes in the buffet. It also offers tools to boost the sale of Food and Beverages.


NutriHotel informs hotel or restaurant customers about the potential allergens contained in a dish according to European Regulation 1169/2011. In the gastronomic screen the allergens of a dish are reflected, differentiated between those that it contains and those that it could contain according to the indications of the producer of each ingredient.
The application has an allergen discriminator that facilitates the search for allergen-free dishes, for example gluten-free dishes. The customer can discriminate several allergens at the same time.

NutriHotel sends all the updated information to various devices, such as touch screens or digital labels. In this case of the labels (digital or printed from NutriHotel), they are accompanied by a QR code that allows access to more detailed information about the allergens of a dish, such as, for example, the type of gluten (wheat, barley, etc.) or nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, etc.) contained.

From the QR code you can access detailed information on the allergens of each dish, such as the differentiation between allergens contained in a dish and “possibly contained” allergens (traces), information that may be important, for example, for allergic customers with a high threshold of tolerance or vegans (a dish does not cease to be vegan because of having an allergen of animal source as a trace).

Diets and habits

In addition to allergen information, the NutriHotel application offers the customer a wide range of nutritional information, such as signaling dishes that correspond to certain healthy diets (for example, Mediterranean diet), or the transmission of certain supplementary information such as the sweeteners contained in a “sugar-free” product.

Likewise, NutriHotel allows to signal the dishes that correspond to certain nutrition habits (vegan, vegetarian, etc.) and is designed in a flexible way to adapt to any new nutritional trend that may arise in the hospitality, such as the appearance of new allergens, the signaling of dishes which include pork meat, etc.

The application allows you to show the nutritional values of a dish, which are calculated based on the recipe introduced. It comes preconfigured with the seven mandatory labeling values for product manufacturers: calories, proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, total fats, saturated fats and salt.

The current customer is very interested in knowing what the ingredients of a dish are, especially in the composed dishes such as sauces or mixed salads. NutriHotel lists the ingredients contained in the information on each dish.

Buffet Labeling

The correct labeling of a buffet is essential for the transmission of the gastronomic offer. The NutriHotel application allows you to print the buffet labels directly and quickly, taking to the label all the updated information that you want to project (translations of the dish, allergens, hotel or restaurant logo, QR code).

With the support of new technologies we offer different more advanced options for labeling, such as the electronic label, which can be programmed for automatic reception of the daily menu data, or the transmission of specific dishes to small touch screens located in the buffet sections (cold buffet, warm buffet, children’s buffet, desserts, etc…).

Recipes Management

The software is designed to facilitate the management of recipes and ingredients and minimize time. Any change of any ingredient instantly updates the linked recipes and menus where these recipes are included. The application shows the traceability of each specific ingredient with a link from the recipe of the dish to the fact sheet of each ingredient.

From the NutriHotel application you can print a large battery of operative information, such as the “allergen book”, which shows a summary of the allergens contained in each dish of the menu, or the individual recipes of each dish with all the related information (name of the dish, picture, ingredients, amounts, allergens, preparation method, nutritional values, etc.).

From Nutrihotel can be also used on a touch screen in the kitchen area to facilitate and accelerate the information from menus, recipes and ingredients, something especially useful in kitchens with a many staff changes. The cook could access quickly any technical information to solve a doubt (for example: presentation of a dish, ingredients, way of elaboration, amounts of ingredients, allergens included, etc.).

F&B sales boost

Digital devices not only reflect the buffet offer included in the pensions (breakfast, half board, etc.), but also the other Restoration departments with their sales products, such as the offer of cocktails at the Pool Bar, the à la carte lunch offer at the Snack Bar or the Room Service menu. The detailed information of each dish that can be provided, for example, through the “storytelling” section or through the images of the dish itself, can be the ideal complement to the sales techniques of the restaurant or bar.

For a la carte restaurants, the possibility of using an “electronic menu” is offered, displaying the gastronomic information through a tablet or directly to the customer’s mobile phone, which allows the instant update of the menu in the event of changes. The new version, designed specifically for the hospitality industry, takes the concept of the “dynamic digital menu” to the maximum degree of flexibility, both in image design and in the structure of the menu.


In the field of social sustainability, NutriHotel attaches great importance to the identification of local products, and can even automatically calculate the percentage of “zero kilometer” ingredients contained in each dish and thus transmit it to the customer.

What concerns to environmental sustainability, NutriHotel has included new variables related to the carbon footprint to transmit (optionally) to the customer, such as CO2 emissions per plate (see more in the sustainability section).


Demonstration video of 2:00 minutes that shows how hotel or restaurant customers can use NutriHotel in an easy and intuitive way to obtain the gastronomic and nutritional information of the offer, either through a touch screen at the entrance of the restaurant, a digital menu or by scanning a QR code from a menu label at the buffet directly to the mobile phone.